WHY WASTE TIME and ENERGY with BORING and INEFFICIENT studying materials?

Dive into a multi-dimensional learning experience that will make your Chinese learning FUN and EASY

Get active & practical Chinese language skills deep under your skin, feel relaxed & boost your confidence!

Becoming fluent in Chinese has been an important part of my journey towards natural self-confidence.

Chinese language has also opened totally new perspectives on life and the world around us.

Filip Mráček, founder of Chineseffect


Imagine your future self that is confident in Chinese.

Imagine the extra respect that you gained in the eyes of others.

How did you get to the point where people admire you for your skills in the language that is generally considered hard? 

First of all you are smart and you want to get somewhere in life.

Secondly, you used the science and experience based SMART LANGUAGE™ methodology.

SMART LANGUAGE™ method presents vocabulary in meaningful connections because our memory takes enormous advantage from creating a network of associations. 

Another thing that helped you gain new confidence is that instead of learning isolated words (that our brains usually don't see as worth remembering) you learned meaningful and practical sentences with the SMART LANGUAGE™ method .

Also - you had fun during the process, you engaged in all different types of multimedia, you refreshed previous sentences thanks to SMART REPETITION and you took all sorts of interactive audio-visual quizzes.


Extend your learning experience

Enjoy the advantages of both - a paper book and rich digital content - simultaneously!

  • Easily learn essential words associated with the character 接
  • Easily learn 13 useful sentences with SMART LANGUAGE™ method
  • Understand the inner logic of the words and 53 characters
  • Learn to write 53 characters with custom made writing Charactere Templates
  • Learn to write sentences with special Sentences Templates
  • Seamlessly access audio, videos, animations, interactive presentations, mini-apps & quizzes with QR codes
  • Review with a special INTERACTIVE MINI-GAME APP

Why is it SMART to use a unique FUSION of ANALOG and DIGITAL materials?

We are convinced - and science research proves us right - that the richer our learning experience, the deeper the knowledge.

The possibilities of digital media are endless and we in Chineseffect love them: animations of characters, interactive presentations, videos with sentence recap, playful quizzes, you name it.

But let's be honest. There is something truly magical and very natural about interacting with a thing that you can actually touch.

Holding a (play)book in your hands and being able to write inside it is simply a different sort of experience.

We want you to progress in an unprecedented way with our powerful FUSION of analogue and digital content. 

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MAGIC PLAYBOOK lets you practice writing characters.

Scan QR code and you will see amazing animations and other digital content.


Poorly informed students spend their time with apps like Duolingo-Chinese or Hello Chinese, or with a number of generic and terribly boring textbooks.

They probably think that the best way to learn Chinese is to play with shiny apps and read dull textbooks.

They just slip through the content most of the time. The content usually doesn't stick with them.

Discovering that sooner or later makes them feel frustrated and sometimes even not smart enough.

They usually give up before reaching the point of feeling good about themselves. 

Progress Efficiency18%

Smart and truly motivated students pick materials that are based on SMART LANGUAGE™ methodology and provide an efficient FUSION of analogue and digital content.

Smart students prefer well thought-out solutions over apps and textbooks that may sometimes even look great but completely lack methodology.

They are not happy with shiny mainstream solutions, so they go for materials that actually help them progress in a way that uncovers their potential.

Soon enough they are pleasantly surprised about their new abilities.

Progress Efficiency97%


STEP #1: Get familiar with the new vocabulary

Learning new words can be scary, especially in a language that is so different.

Don't worry. Chineseffect's SMART methodology presents vocabulary in logical connections, in a beautiful and simple way.

Learn straight from paper and then take your phone, scan the QR code, to open the digital content in the Digital Layer.

Go through amazing interactive presentations, quizzes, animations and videos and more engaging content.

STEP #2: Get the pronunciation right

Chinese pronunciation can be tricky. Many words sound similar and getting the tones right can be challenging.

But you can stay calm & cool as you are, as this MAGIC PLAYBOOK comes with a digital layer that lets you listen to individual words and the sentences.

Make sure to repeat what you hear out loud for the best results.

STEP #3: Get the sentence under your skin

Memorizing useful sentences is a very efficient way of learning the language. Unfortunately it requires effort and let's be honest, we all have to fight our laziness from time to time.

That's the reason why in the digital layer of this MAGIC PLAYBOOK you will find a format called OCEAN TIME.

OCEAN TIME will help you memorize the sentences seamlessly and in a natural and very relaxed way.

In the Digital Layer of this MAGIC PLAYBOOK you will find calming and relaxing videos that will help you seamlessly get the sentences under your skin.

STEP #4: Learn the characters

Do you find learning Chinese characters challenging?

We believe you will change your mind after you look inside this MAGIC PLAYBOOK and understand the inner logic of each  character.

You will also find writing characters very relaxing and mentally uplifting after you use the hand-made writing templates that use the custom made Chineseffect font that has been designed with direct focus on learning purposes.

And naturally, there is the Digital Layer in which you will find animations of Living Characters, that will also help you remember the characters easily.

"Living Characters" in the Digital Layer are amazing animations that will help you see that learning Chinese characters can be extremely enggaing and fun.

Decompositions of characters make learning them super easy and fun.

Writing templates use the original Chineseffect font that has been designed specifically for learning purposes.

STEP #5: Test, Review & Recap

Repetition, Revision and Testing your skills are activities that help boost the learning efficeiency big time. 

It is awesome that you know the words and the sentence by heart today but tomorrow it will probably be gone and you will need to refresh it to get it deeper. 

With the MAGIC PLAYBOOK it is super EASY!

The MAGIC PLAYBOOK contains the part called Sentence Refresh - cover the Chinese part and translate the English sentence. Scan QR Code for pronunciation.

Want to make it more fun?

Simply open the Translate & Repeat section or the Quiz section in the Digital Layer and test your skills.

And there is more! Only with MAGIC PLAYBOOK you get access to MAGIC CARDS - an amazing way to refresh what you have already learned.

Quiz section in the Digital Layer is interactive, beautiful and fun.



Only with the MAGIC PLAYBOOK you get access to amazing mini app that lets you practice sentences in a playfull way!

  • MIX the cards, translate from English & FLIP the card
  • Listen to audio & repeat
  • Watch amazing animations with just one click

Meet the author

Since 2006 Filip Mráček 云飞 has been teaching hundreds of different students including top managers, high rank diplomats & government officials, people in the army and those interested in martial arts and Chinese medicine.

He has been developing progressive learning materials simultaneously with his active teaching practice.

He designed and led the development of a Chinese-teaching app for Palacky University, Czech Republic.



Carefully selected Chinese characters that represent strong ideas, therefore are part of many useful words.

These words are part of many useful phrases. 

Each MAGIC PLAYBOOK is dedicated to one  POWERFUL CHARACTER™, this MAGIC PLAYBOOK is dedicated to the concept 接 CONNECT.

Who is this MAGIC PLAYBOOK for?

The MAGIC PLAYBOOK "POWERFUL CHARACTERS: Connect" is a great studying material for all students who want to spend their studying time efficiently with SMART materials. 

If you know the basics of pinyin and if you know the basic vocabulary (pronouns and basic verbs), then this MAGIC PDF is for you!

Your HSK level can be 1 or 4, you will benefit from it in both cases.


This particular MAGIC PLAYBOOK is dedicated to the Powerful Character 接 which means TO CONNECT. 

This character is a part of useful words like TO PICK UP, TO  ACCEPT, DIRECTLY, CONNECTION, A LINK, TO APPROACH.

You will learn each of these words as a part of practical sentences. Altogether you will learn 13 highly useful sentences.

You will easily understand the inner logic of words and characters that you will find in the sentences. 

You will also learn how to write characters with original templates based on the custom made Chineseffect font that has been designed with learning purposes in mind.

Does this MAGIC PLAYBOOK come with audio files?

The MAGIC PLAYBOOK comes with all sorts of multimedia and naturally it comes with audio as well. 

One of the things that make this PLAYBOOK so magical is that it lets you play audio and other multimedia in a very easy way - just scan the QR code and that's it!

How to use QR codes?

QR codes open Digital Layer that is full of amazing content (animations, audio, video, quizes etc.)

If you use iPhone or iPad, just point your camera to the code and click on it.

On your Android phone you might need to activate the QR function first. To activate Google Lens to scan QR Codes suggestions, open the camera app and click on more. Open Settings and activate Google Lens suggestions to scan QR Codes.

Why is it called MAGIC PLAYBOOK?

Classic textbooks/workbook is just a static thing that sometimes comes with an extra CD or a Youtube playlist.

MAGIC PLAYBOOK on the other hand lets you seamlessly play audio, see all sorts of high quality videos and animations, take interactive quizzes and even access a mini-game app.

We are happy to answer your questions!